By Sylvie Péron

In the spirit of keeping calm and carrying on in this difficult time for the whole of humanity, Ultimate Jet is intent on relaying the industry’s messages. Sharing our experiences in these challenging and unprecedented times ahead will hopefully help each of us keep our sanity.

The power of our individual and collective actions, solidarity and compassion we show to each other, will make our relationship stronger in the coming days and months,” writes Mark Boddington, UK-based Silverlining’s Founder and CEO. “Three months ago, we were all like a yacht ‘sailing away in the sun’ and now it’s as if we are together all facing the ‘perfect storm’. “We have faced challenges over the years, and together we will come through to the other side,” he adds, “wishing all a safe passage through the storm and into the sunshine again.


At London-based Winch Design, it’s ‘business as usual’. The Senior Leadership Team has been working hard over the last two weeks to ensure that Winch Design will continue to run as normal and have put in place contingency plans covering all areas of the business, from IT to project management. “Winch Design continues to follow and respond accordingly to the advice shared by the British Government and Public Health England in relation to the global Covid-19 outbreak,” writes CEO Aino-Leena Grapin. “The entire Winch team is now working remotely. As widely understood, it is vitally important that collectively, we work together to slow down the spread of Covid-19 to enable societal and economic recovery. Our teams are highly experienced in working from all four corners of the globe. Each member of the team has been set up to work remotely, with Zoom conference calling abilities, enabling them to continue all communications as normal and to remain as productive as ever. Continuing to work innovatively and intelligently to bring to life the dreams of our clients, as we have for over 30 years.”

©Winch Design

Our teams also understand that this is a challenging time for valued Winch Design suppliers and partners, both locally and internationally. We have complete faith in the strength of our long-standing, collaborative relationships and together we will be able to work towards a shared goal in a safe, and sustainable way and we will do everything within our power to assist our smaller suppliers in this time of uncertainty. Our priority is to not only play an active role in limiting the spread of Covid-19 but also to provide absolute reassurance to our clients and partners that all projects and plans will continue to move forward as seamlessly as possible in the challenging times ahead.”