Every day another news item illustrates the deteriorating state of service provided by the commercial airlines. Delayed flights, long layovers and overbooking take a toll on even the most seasoned of business travelers. Today, Executive AirShare presents an answer to this growing problem. 
Executive AirShare offers Embark membership as an accessible private travel solution. Program customers have access to well-appointed, sophisticated Executive AirShare aircraft starting with as few as 10 flight days a year with no long-term commitment. Customers may choose either a renewable, one-year term, or 20 total flight days they can take up to two years to use, to add to their savings. 
“Every businessperson can relate to the current reports of inadequate airline service. Why let the airlines dictate the rules?” says Keith Plumb, Executive AirShare’s president and CEO. “Embark gives customers a way to take control of their travel. It eliminates the commercial travel headaches, and gets them home on their schedules, with their own plane, flown by pilots who know them.” Embark membership provides the greatest value in the marketplace, as Executive AirShare’s unique day-based program means travelers have greater flexibility of use than charter providers. Customers can travel more efficiently – flying longer distances, and making multiple stops on a flight day – without worrying about exhausting prepaid hours the other companies sell. “Embark opens the door for businesses to affordably send their entire team directly where they need to go,” says Michael McMillan, Executive AirShare’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. “Companies now have access to a tool that helps grow their business, at a price point that’s unprecedented in the industry.” 
Embark members use operational centers in the nation’s midsection and the Great Lakes region. But they can fly all over the United States and into the Caribbean, Mexico, Latin America and Canada. A typical flight might be Buffalo to Washington; Dallas to Aspen, Colo.; or Kansas City to Houston, with a stop for a meeting in Tulsa.