Nomad Aviation has added a Gulfstream G650 and a further Bombardier Global XRS to its aircraft management fleet. The ultra-long-range business jets are used by the aircraft owners and their guests only. The Gulfstream G650 offers the latest technologies and options in cabin amenities, including capacity of up to 19 passengers in day or 10 passengers in night configuration. The clean-sheet design is based on a highly efficient airfoil that delivers speed and an incredibly smooth flight.
The Global XRS has a similar configuration as the Swiss registered Global 5000 which is available for charter. The charter aircraft offers 13 VIP seats in day or 3 single beds and 2 king-size beds in night configuration. It features two lavatories, CD / DVD / VHS players and premium sound systems, two LCD monitors, Airshow, satellite phone, Internet connection, a full forward galley and a large cargo compartment ensuring sufficient space for plenty of luggage. It can fly nonstop in excess of 4’700nm / 8’700km, covering flights from Moscow to Mauritius or from Frankfurt to Windhoek, Namibia.
“Both the Gulfstream G650 and the Global XRS are outstanding and exciting aircraft which provide the ultimate long range capabilities“, says Heinz Koehli, Executive Chairman and CEO of Nomad Aviation. ”For customers important are availability, safety and confidentiality, flexibility and travelling possibilities”, adds Andreas Pfisterer, Senior VP aircraft management and Accountable Manager of Nomad Aviation and continues: “We are adding the latest technology Gulfstream G650 to our fleet.”