The doubling of antennas also increases the amount of data that can be transmitted to and from the aircraft and, consequently, the bandwidth available. This enhances digital communications, aircraft performance monitoring, and crew operations support for both the avionics and cabin WiFi. Data can also be prioritized to chosen passenger devices, ensuring principals and key stakeholders always maintain the required connection, even when data demand in the cabin is high. 

We know that aircraft owners are already installing more than one connectivity solution on their aircraft to satisfy the growing requirement for consistent data for passengers and crew,” says Jim Jensen, CEO and Founder of Satcom Direct. “As Satcom Direct’s Plane Simple antenna series is the industry’s first network-agnostic connectivity solution, we can add real value for our customers choosing the Dual Dissimilar option. We purpose-built the technology on modular, scalable open architecture, which means that in the future, customers will have access to the best available network services to meet their mission requirements. When integrated with our hardware, software, airtime services and infrastructure, customers can acquire, manage, upgrade, and troubleshoot all their connectivity services with just one phone call.  Our cohesive offering future proofs the aircraft for software and satellite advancements, making staying connected much more convenient, cost-effective, and simple.” 

The option is anticipated to be available for purchase when the Plane Simple Ka-band tail-mount antenna is commercially introduced in Q4 2023. Large jets, or any business jet airframe that can support two Plane Simple terminals, will be able to optimize the new technology.