The complexity of corporate aviation industry is no secret. From the first idea of thinking of its utilization, till its day-to-day operation, going through all the numerous steps to achieve it, a business aircraft is handled by different and sometimes mandatory stakeholders. But they all are necessary to the process of operating the aircraft.

This complexity is often an impediment for companies willing to take the course to corporate aviation, as well as for those who are already experienced in this kind of aviation. Keeping financial control on the different operations, rentals, ferry flights, crew trainings, taxes, handling, etc., turns out to be near impossible, with sometimes a feeling of excess, or even abuse.

Without an external and independent support, professionally recognized, it is indeed impossible for a CEO to achieve a detailed expertise on all stakeholders, theirs services, their fares.

As a lawyer acting in the sole interest of his client, or as a project ownership manager supervising the building of a house, this independent expert will supervise and protect aircraft owners’ interests, by a thorough and active presence at every stage of the corporate aircraft project.

However, using the services of consulting companies, like ours, is not only the sole prerogative of owners, it is also relevant to operators whether airlines or private companies.

Some of our customers are indeed airlines or private operators, with owners wishing to change their aircraft. They often do not have the time or in-house skills to produce a tailored comparative analysis, adjusted to the specific needs of their owners.

When we intervene in operational supervision, both operators and maintenance workshops finally perceive us both as a facilitator, and as a means to challenge their services to stay at the best standards of the industry.

For newcomers entering the growing club of corporate aviation, we meet their expectations and questions, with the following motto: “Corporate aircraft: a tool for work and productivity at the service of the company and its profitability”.

Is it relevant for me or my company to use corporate aircraft for our trips?

Knowing how to answer this question requires a personalized and detailed study of the specific needs of future users or of the company.

Which aircraft to choose? Would I need to put it in fleet list in an airline? Should I create a joint venture? For which annual budget?

As many a question to which one will have to answer before choosing the most suitable aircraft to his needs.

On the range of aircraft that can best fulfill the conditions of its use defined above, which will be the best choice in the long term? The best investment in the prospect of resale within a 5-year time?

Regarding the different operating schemes, they shall be tailored to the specific needs of each company.

Localization, negotiations, pre-purchase inspection, discussions with manufacturers (chain monitoring), engine manufacturers, maintenance workshop; contact with salesmen, pilots, civil aviation… All matters on which an error will not forgive in terms of costs.

To whom do I turn to operate, maintain, shelter, fly and insure my plane?

Once again, the development of business aviation in recent years has brought different players on the market to answer this question. It can happen, alas, that some of them favor their own profitability instead of their customers’ interest, who may end up confronting a real money pit, without any correct exit in short, medium or long term; or facing professionals, both judge and parties, who will be able to justify each cost, each intervention by technical explanations or detailed regulations beyond the scope of the CEO.

Entrusting the supervision of your aircraft to an independent expert will prove to be the safest and most durable solution.

Often, when the adventure happens for the better, using a first aircraft takes its owner to other markets, other horizons, necessitating then the purchase of a larger aircraft with better performances. Before starting the long process again, the first plane will have to be sold. How to ensure, at that moment, a profitable and balanced sale?

Rules change, people find themselves on the other side of the fence. Being accompanied for this operation will prove, here too, to be the safest solution. But it will be necessary to be sure that the interests of this interlocutor and those of the seller are closely linked.

Although this short summary does not claim to fully detail the long process of using a business jet, it nevertheless reflects the dangers of wanting to venture alone.

In the United States and Europe, solutions do exist. But only the independence, the expertise and the professionalism of your interlocutor, in each domain, finally all related to each other, will give you the guarantee that your interests are protected and consolidated.

It is to answer all these questions that we, Flight Level Business, exist, with the permanent concern to represent the sole interests of our customers. As a result, some of our services, such as operating audits, may be billed on the one basis of really recorded gains. As an example, we just saved 174 000 euros on annual cost for a light jet owner, by changing the operator.

We are a team of aerospace professionals, with complementary jobs: pilots, engineers, maintenance specialists… All being convinced that our development is directly linked to the long-term trust of our customers, we are at your entire service.


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