For the first time, Tamarack Aerospace Group is working on four Cessna CitationJets at once, installing its patented Performance SMARTWING™ Active Winglet load-alleviating technology. The installations are being performed at numerous Tamarack locations, in the U.S as well as in Europe. 

New sales numbers for repeat customers are on the rise. Customers are attracted to the exceptional sustainable and cost-savings SMARTWING™ benefits for the CitationJet models that can realize up to 33% fuel use reduction and range increase under optimum conditions, plus other safety advantages. 

We can install our SMARTWING™ technology on a CitationJet in less than a week, and that efficiency is helping a lot with increased new customer and repeat customer demand,” says Eric Cunningham, Tamarack’s Sales Director.

Chief Operations Officer Danny Hiner sees a marked increase in installations internationally, the latest in Serbia and Germany. But Tamarack has grown to include four Transformation Centers for installations and twenty service centers. 

 “Tamarack installations are very efficient. We are able to work with multiple organizations in multiple cities/countries/continents and form great relationships over the years. We carefully vet each of the organizations we have partnered with, getting to know each of our counterparts in their respective positions and then sharing, educating, and face-to-face training on everything we have learned. Our customers benefit, and many keep coming back for installations on their next aircraft,” says Hiner.

In addition to fuel savings and range increase, an aircraft with Tamarack upgrades can climb higher faster, experience smoother flight, enjoy the capability for slower and more stable landing approaches even on shorter runways, have more fuel reserves at landing to allow pilot’s added safety-focused choices and reduce stress on the aircraft through load alleviating and increased aspect ratio technology.