The world’s best business jets demand the world’s best engines. That’s why two of the industry’s market-leading airframe manufacturers, Bombardier and Gulfstream, have installed Rolls-Royce’s innovative Pearl engines to power their Global 5500/6500 and G700 jets respectively.

These cutting-edge engines – the Pearl® 15 and Pearl 700 – are the result of improvements achieved through the company’s Advance2 technology demonstrator programme and the longstanding experience of its proven BR700 engine family. 

And thanks to a raft of digital advances, such as its sophisticated engine health monitoring (EHM) systems, Pearl delivers exceptional levels of engine availability. This new system provides advanced remote engine diagnostics, for example, allowing for easy reconfiguration from the ground. 

The potential of this digital transformation underpins Rolls-Royce’s IntelligentEngine vision. This concept envisions an exciting future which brings together products, services and digital technology – everything is connected. The results to date have been impressive, delivering superior performance and enhanced maintenance capabilities. All of which brings not only better value for the customers, but peace of mind too. 

Reduced weight, reduced fuel consumption

The Pearl family of engines comes with ground-breaking design combined with a range of efficiencies. For instance, the reduced weight of the Pearl’s 10-stage high pressure compressor, featuring the latest aerodynamic design and six titanium blisks (bladed disks). It spins at over 18,000 rpm, which is 20% faster than the BR725 and achieves an industry-leading pressure level of 24:1. Rolls-Royce’s engineers not only managed to make this component more efficient – it is also 15% lighter than its predecessor.

Alongside this is an ultra-low emissions combustor – featuring greener technology and low noise output – plus a two-stage HP turbine with a shroudless blade design, enhanced aerodynamics and blade cooling. Together, this delivers significant progress in reducing average carbon emissions per flight. 

In addition, the state-of-the-art engine health monitoring (EHM) system, working in conjunction with the Advance2 core – the most efficient engine core in business aviation – enables Pearl engines to operate with maximum effectiveness and reliability. 

Smarter, quieter and more powerful

Thanks to the cutting-edge technologies developed at Rolls-Royce, Pearl’s smarter engines have a significantly increased take-off thrust, allowing aircraft to climb rapidly and reach optimum cruising altitude quickly. On top of this, they offer a 12% better thrust-to-weight ratio and 5% higher efficiency. A maximised acoustic treatment, a new ultra slim-line nacelle and an aerodynamically optimised target door thrust reverser means the eco-credentials of the Pearl family remain the gold standard when it comes to low noise and emissions performance. This means they are built to operate at airports with the strictest noise and emissions regulations.

Constant care

The entire Pearl engine family is supported by CorporateCare® Enhanced – Rolls-Royce’s comprehensive, fixed-cost engine maintenance management programme, which offers highly advanced EHM diagnostics and the support of a 24/7 Aircraft Availability Centre. 

“We developed our industry-leading CorporateCare® Enhanced programme with the mindset of, ‘if we provide it, we cover it,’” said Alan Mangels, Rolls-Royce VP Sales & Marketing – Business Aviation. “Our customers love that. By listening to them, we continuously strive to improve our service solutions, which ultimately raises the bar for the entire industry.”

“At Rolls-Royce, we’re determined to continue leading our field so we can keep providing you with the best way to fly.“

The Pearl engine family: beautifully designed, brilliantly engineered.