Bombardier wants to give a second lease of life to some its aircraft by offering several options. The aircraft manufacturer has indicated that the Learjet 40/45 owners will be offered avionic conversion with the integration of LCD displays and an optional synthetic vision system (SVS) for first-generation Global aircraft.

Operators of the Challenger 300 Series and Challenger 604 aircraft will benefit from the installation of the Future Surface Navigation System (FANS) on Iridium equipment. A technology that facilitates the communication of pilots with air traffic controllers and allows aircraft to operate certain routes in North America, the Atlantic region and Europe. Bombardier indicates that as the 2020 deadline for FANS 1 / A technology approaches, operators can now add the new equipment to one of the nine Bombardier services during a future maintenance intervention.

In addition to the technological aspect, the Canadian aircraft manufacturer also looked at the cabins of these Global and Challenger aircraft. The manufacturer now offers a cabin renovation service with personalized stone flooring and meeting tables with a unique base for comfortable, ergonomic and spacious seating. These renovations will be completed at the new Bombardier Service Center interior design studio in Tucson.