Bombardier revealed in mid-April that its Global 7000 business jet, which has flown multiple long-haul flights around the world, has a longer flight time than expected. The aircraft thus gains more than 300 nm on the initial performances allowing it to cross 7 700 nm (14 260 km). The prototypes of the Global 7000 have made several long-haul flights to destinations such as Sydney, Dubai and Hawaii. This flight test program, according to the aircraft manufacturer, “demonstrated the incredible range of the aircraft and the ability of Bombardier to surpass its commitments.” This performance improvement will not entail any additional cost for customers, according to the manufacturer, who also announces that the flight test program, which began in November 2016, amounted to more than 1,800 hours of testing in mid-April. Bombardier also notes that the program is being finalized prior to the aircraft certification assessments scheduled for later this year.