Jet Aviation announced during VBACE that is expanding its charter and aircraft management services with 41 new global fleet additions. The expansion comes in response to growing inquiries about charter services, despite the overall slowdown of air travel in 2020. 

With Covid bringing airlines to a near standstill in 2020, Jet Aviation has been responding to a marked increase in demand for aircraft management and charter services. Noting a 5-fold increase in charter inquiries in particular, the company has broadened its service palette to meet the varying requirements of its customers. Flight restrictions and travel bans have nonetheless kept flight activity relatively flat, despite 41 additions to its global fleet. 

A large portion of the new business generated this year is coming from clients new to the world of private aviation,” says Leslie Cheshier, Vice President Owner and Charter Services, USA. “We are seeing both increased price sensitivity and a greater need for flexibility and have expanded our service offerings in response to this. Whether customers take advantage of our PT Card for domestic travel or the experience of our International Operations team, participate in our Charter Partnership program or profit from the flexibility of our new customizable package, each of our services offers different benefits to better meet the varying demands of our customers.” 

Jet Aviation also continues to add new aircraft to its global aircraft management and charter fleet. Of the 41 new aircraft additions, 13 are available for third-party charter under the company’s Part 135 charter certificate including six Hawker 900XP, a Gulfstream G450 & G550, a Challenger 300 & 350, a Falcon 2000EX EASy & Falcon 2000LXS, and a Citation Sovereign. 

As the wider public begins to identify both the safety benefits and cost viability of private aviation, we are seeing new customer profiles emerge for both individuals and businesses,” adds David Dalpiaz, Vice President Flight Services, USA. “Private Aviation offers the flexibility, safety, privacy and efficiency customers are seeking and we are committed to meeting our customers’ requests. We offer a full suite of services for a wide array of aircraft types, all backed by the highest quality standards.” 

Norbert Ehrich, Vice President Flight Services, EMEA, notes similar trends. “This past year, we’ve seen a significant increase in aircraft management and charter inquiries across the board, but particularly from customers that previously travelled first class for long-haul flights. Customers see stability in Jet Aviation and greatly value our high safety and quality standards, along with our global reach.”