Jet Aviation’s maintenance facility in Geneva has recently re-delivered its first 240-month check on a Global Express. The inspection was successfully performed in conjunction with an avionics modification and a number of service bulletins. The company has since initiated a combined 120/180-month check on a Global Express XRS — with more in the pipeline. 

Essentially a repeat (the second) of the largest inspection for the Global Express, the 240-month check involves an extensive overhaul of all major aircraft systems and structures, including the internal side of the aircraft’s fuselage. Gaining access for such rigorous scrutiny necessitates removal of the entire cabin and soundproofing materials, ensuring exceptional care in their storage, while paying great attention to detail for the duration of the check. 

We worked in close collaboration with both the customer and the OEM to ensure the aircraft’s structural integrity and airworthiness,” said Guillaume Hamez, director of maintenance, Jet Aviation Geneva. “To take advantage of the downtime, the customer elected to have a KA Band satellite system installed in parallel to the check. As expected with an inspection of this magnitude, we found various defects, including corrosion on the aircraft’s flaps and vertical stabs, which we successfully addressed.” 

Cyril Martiniere, vice president MRO services Europe, adds, “The successful completion and redelivery of this large-scale check to a satisfied customer is testament to the dynamic capabilities and dedication of our Geneva team. With all maintenance services available on site, we are also able to offer customers an efficient timeline for these extensive checks, minimizing downtime and ensuring consistent quality and communication throughout the process.”