We had another phenomenal gathering of our industry’s old-timers and friends in London,” writes Netjets Janus Kamradt.  

On Friday December 1st the usual suspects gathered around their host in Chelsea for the 10th annual Kamradt Biz-Av Christmas Lunch. Industry players from Netjets, Vistajet, Vertis Aviation, Jetcraft, Exclusive Aircraft Sales, TJB Super Yachts, Hannaford Turner, Diego Garrigues Aviation Law, Julian Farrow Luxury Travel, Thanda Safari Group, Altras Capital Dubai and Montgomery Marine Capital were in attendance. After lunch, a handful of private clients joined them for drinks at Brinkleys.  

As always this annual tradition of bringing some of the industry’s fiercest competitors together for lunch remains a true highlight of the year. Let’s remember that throughout the year many of these guys battle it out for really serious deals, however we always manage to leave all of that aside for this day. Yes, there is definitely a lot of competitive banter still in the room but that’s why we always have at least a few lawyers present!” writes Kamradt who has hosted the event for 10 years in London, as well as 5 in Monaco. 

It remains a pleasure to attend this annual Christmas event of leaders in the business aviation industry and to spend time together exchanging ideas and discussing topical issues. Beyond the convivial nature of the event, it has proven to be a superb occasion to explore opportunity for collaboration for the year ahead and to toast another successful year,” commented Mark Needham, Partner at Hannaford Turner. 

Coming together this way each year certainly makes it easier to manage my own industry relationships. We have plenty of corporate conferences and global events throughout the year but only a few deliver this atmosphere,” said Alastair Fox, Senior Vice President, Netjets Europe. 

For the most part we leave business at the door for this lunch. I really enjoy that. Still, always nice to stay on top of what’s happening across the industry. As they say, keep your friends close and your ‘friend-emies’ closer” added Daniele Deiana, Senior Vice President, Vistajet.

Sean O’Leary, Sales Director, Jetcraft concluded:  “Smashing day out amongst industry friends and one last opportunity to catch up before we call break off for the Holidays”.