CARBONEUM is a reminder that white is not a paint option for a jet but the painter’s canvas on which a specific temper will be translated. Making other jets look naked was not the goal of such investment, but it surely sets the bar a level higher on the private runways.

Created by Didier Wolff, Happy Design Studio’s owner, specially fitted for the Bombardier Global 6000 body shapes, CARBONEUM is designed with race and power spirit. Enhanced with honey comb patterns, the engines show elegance and technology, the overall Ferrari grey colour adding a touch of supremacy to the flight experience.

Painted by hand, the carbon fibre tail design leaves no doubt, life is like flying, always keep it high and strong.  An aircraft is not just an addition of mathematical equations, it is a dream before all, a sum of audacities and boldnesses from the first pioneers who reached for the sky, to the risk of their lives, to accomplish a dream and to do it with style.

CARBONEUM is in direct filiation with that spirit, designed for a daring mind, a vision to go further and set inspiration and pride. Such temper required the most achieved talents to paint, strip and adapt all details onto the fuselage

RUAG, the specialised aviation paint company based in Munich, had already shown its ability to outperform one of the most challenging livery from Didier Wolff in 2015, with the multi awarded design “Air Lines”.

Partnering again with Happy Design Studio’s supervision team to gather a total of 2500 work hours, 15 technical steps managed hour after hour to keep the delicate steps on track, the two companies bypassed each of the numerous technical difficulties and proudly delivered probably the most powerful outlook a jet has ever shown.

This is evidenced by admiring the honeycomb skilful texture covering the engines. The so-called “Haute couture” label is no longer overused and blends perfectly with such an extraordinary design challenge. We owe this subtle rendering to the sharpness of Aironart(Gilbert Holzer), who produced the three-dimensional stencils with an unbeatable accuracy, through a set of very complex calculations.

Walter Maurer and Martin Dippel from A.S.A.P. painted the so difficult carbon effect on the tail with a fantastic 3D rendering.

With CARBONEUM, Didier WOLFF and his company Happy Design Studio accomplish another mile stone in aviation mindsets, an inevitable evolution foreseen 10 years ago and proved right design after design.

CARBONEUM joins the fleet of the Studio’s flying works of art, side by side with other jets, fighters, airliners and will surely be remembered as an iconic vision of power and style in the most famous runways throughout the world.