Green Motion Solutions is a brand new, one hundred per cent electric personalised service in the ground transportation of passengers.

By Sylvie Peron

Green Motion Solutions, the exclusive transport company using chauffeured Tesla electric vehicles offers high-end quality services. Based near Chambery, in French Savoie, the service is run within the Rhône-Alpes region, commuting between the region’s airports, Lyon, Annecy, Grenoble and Geneva, Switzerland, to the client’s final destination.

Sustainable development and the preservation of the environment are the company’s core strategy.

“We hope that with every trip mentalities will change, bringing more people to eco-driving and electric vehicles,” says Manager Caroline Mugniéry. “Our customers are attracted by the aesthetics of the vehicles, and once inside are surprised by the quiet ride, the spacious cabin and the exceptional qualities of the cars. They enjoy a real experience in a high-technology bubble.”

A pioneer in the sector of limousine service, the company is constantly innovating to answer customers’ needs. Luxury hotels, private individuals, concierge services, all use the bespoke service, which aims to remain leader in its sector.