The German aircraft manufacturer General Atomics AeroTec Systems (GA-ATS) has carried out a completely new paint job for a Global 7500 Business Jet

The green Bombardier aircraft which was delivered with a bare aluminum surface and only one protective primer layer received a completely new livery at the EDMO Munich-Oberpfaffenhofen airport. 

The paint process of the Global 7500 included the application of the functional corrosion protection, a sanding primer and the manual filling of all rivets in the fuselage area. This was followed by the multi-coat metallic paint. The final step was the clear paint finish with two coats.

The jet was given an impressive design with a 25-meter stripe design from tail to cockpit. A total of 8 color shades were mixed from 3 different orange and red colors to create an even, homogeneous color flow from light to dark over the length of the design strip. The Eagle logo and all labeling was applied using computer-created stencils.

Up to 8 painters were working on the aircraft at the same time. Finally, the last cosmetic finishing touches were added, and minimal color adjustments were made in the final work step, the so-called detailing. Representatives of the customer and Bombardier were present at the final acceptance and were very pleased with the work.  

The company operates a One-Stop-Shop for aircraft in the heart of Europe. In addition to MRO, Upgrades and Modifications for the Do228 and Embraer and Bombardier Business Jets, the VIP Paint+ Shop at the Oberpfaffenhofen site can paint almost all aircraft sizes with the highest quality.