Fair Lady, the 37 meter / 121-foot motoryacht originally built in 1928, has been thoroughly updated while still maintaining her classic looks thanks to the drive of her owner and the skilled team at Huisfit. Even though Fair Lady underwent various minor refits over the years, she was due for multiple major upgrades. Following a thorough and rigorous two-phase program at Huisfit, Fair Lady is now ready for the next season and beyond. 

Upon acquiring Fair Lady in 2021 the new owner was impressed by her classic lines and beauty. And, while he was eager to enjoy his first season on board, he also wanted to make sure his vintage yacht worked well and was safe at sea. Huisfit was able to provide all the desired and necessary upgrades in two phases over two consecutive winters during the off-season.

Fair Lady arrived at Huisfit in November 2021 for phase one, which included hull repairs, hull painting, and varnish repairs as well as maintenance of the main engines, gensets, and stabilizers. The cooling water system was replaced, and tanks were cleaned and repaired. Interior work included a new main salon, galley, and pantry with updated equipment installations. The guest cabins were refurbished, and new carpets were installed. All these tasks were completed on schedule, in just three months. 

In September, after the owner’s first successful season aboard his yacht, he returned Fair Lady to Huisfit for phase two. The engine room was stripped, and the twin Gardener main engines were overhauled; new gensets were installed as well as new stabilizers. 

Also, further repairs were made to her hull plating, which necessitated additional hull painting. The crowning glory was an entirely new bridge. Fair Lady is now well prepared for future voyages in the years to come.