PHOTO : Andreas Aigner, Werner Kartner

The family-run business is a worldwide luxury interior brand headquartered in Thomasberg, Austria. F/LIST evolved from a traditional small carpentry shop to become a global player in custom-made high-end furnishings in residences, such as villas and apartments, and is recognized as a high-profile brand in the international business and private aerospace sector. F/LIST continues to strive for the same excellence that originated with founder Franz List

Today, the founder’s granddaughter, CEO Katharina List-Nagl continues to realize the pioneering vision. The company has become a game changer in preparing for future market needs, partnering with start-ups, architects and designers to define and evolve system development that will shape future interiors. Since inception 70 years ago, F/LIST has grown to a family of more than 1100 employees located at the company headquarters in Thomasberg, and branch offices in Germany, Canada, Brazil, Great Britain, the US, and the UAE. Together, they fulfill the most exquisite, intricate desires and requirements for interiors of all kinds. F/LIST walks the fine line between creating authentic products using natural materials and optimizing high-end technology, making it a global trendsetter in interior innovation. 

The company recently announced it had officially launched into the world of yachting. 

F/YACHTING has become a global player in high-end custom services and in the coordination and outfitting of superyachts. 1992 saw the company enter the yacht market and in 2023 F/YACHTING was realized as a separate entity from its parent company. 

Werner Kartner (CEO) and Andreas Aigner (COO), together with the support of the management team and staff, drive F/YACHTING across the world’s oceans.