In recent years, F/LIST has continuously expanded and enhanced its machinery and expertise in all areas of metal production. International customers, including well-known aircraft manufacturers and carpenters, are already making use of F/LIST’s metal department. Now, the METAL division is set to conquer new markets.

Exquisite metal components from F/LIST are already being used in the world’s most exclusive business jets, yachts and residences, either as intricate parts or as decorative eye-catchers. The interior specialist’s many years of experience make F/LIST an innovative partner for complex metal components. “It’s F/LIST’s particular strength to be able to implement all processes in-house. This includes the production of high-precision metal parts which meet the most demanding customer requirements,” explains Andreas Aigner, Managing Director at F/LIST and Head of the METAL business unit. 

Founding its own METAL division is another milestone for the long-established Austrian company. In future, the new business unit will continue to handle the production of metal components for F/LIST’s branches, aircraft, yachts and residences, but will also tap into new markets where precision work is required. “By establishing a dedicated business unit, we also aim to supply other industries in the future, independent of the furniture industry,” says Aigner.

A broad portfolio

All metal work, from welding to polishing, is carried out by experienced specialists in a state-of-the-art metal workshop. Whether it’s a batch size of 1 or a bulk order, a prototype or a small series, F/LIST offers everything under one roof, from material purchasing, engineering, manufacture and surface treatments to assembly. Our product portfolio includes a wide variety of precision parts made of alloyed as well as unalloyed steels, non-ferrous metals and various types of plastics. 

In-house training

F/LIST has been training apprentices in metal production since 2014. Four apprentices have already qualified and three are currently in training. This year, for the first time, the Austrian family business is offering apprenticeships in mechatronics, with the main module, production engineering, at its headquarters in Thomasberg.