In our today’s everyday life, internet access has become a service that people naturally expect to be available any time, any where. With the evolution of the capacity of internet ground lines, we got used to watch live TV and live streaming on various devices and we expect to get it on all wi-fi access. 

The French company Airmont gives solutions to satisfy this expectation both in the air or at sea: Airmont-Cast offers guests the possibility to watch their own video streaming service based on their personal subscription. The user on board simply connects his smartphone to the local wi-fi. He then opens his own standard video streaming application and a “cast” icon appears automatically in the app. The user selects Airmont-Cast and his personal video streaming content is displayed on the yacht’s TV screen. The system can be extended to allow each guests to cast personal streaming videos on their yacht’s cabin monitors.

“Half of the internet usage is on video streaming today. We are the only one offering a product that compresses streaming services content in this way” says Jean-François Gault, Airmont’s executive chairman. “The solution reproduces the same user experience as using a cast device at home, like chromecast, while adapting it to any internet connection even on satellite links such as VSAT or Fleetbroadband. It provides a good quality on 62 inch monitor at 700 kbit/sec. The solution onboard only requires a set-top box connected to the TV monitor via HDMI port. Airmont-Cast technology is available with a monthly subscription.”