Aerion, has appointed two units of TAG Aviation, one of the world’s most respected aviation service providers, to support the sale of Aerion’s revolutionary AS2 supersonic business jet. TAG Aviation UK will act as a sales consultant in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. TAG Asia will act as a sales consultant in China, Hong Kong, and other parts of southwest Asia.

TAG Aviation is known throughout the industry for the quality of its services and client base, having earned the trust of many of the worlds large cabin/long range business jet owners. We are gratified to have their expertise and global connections supporting the Aerion sales effort,” said Ernie Edwards, Aerion chief commercial officer. “TAG”, he noted, “manages the operation of more than 150 large cabin business jets. »

Our success has come from the early adoption of technologies that increase the safety, productivity, and comfort of our customers,” said TAG Aviation CEO Daniel Christe. “Its the genesis of our name, Techniques dAvant Garde, and guides every decision we make in the daily conduct of our business. Our association with Aerion only adds to that legacy. Were proud to become a member of the Aerion team.

Christe noted that the company had followed the progress of Aerion and the AS2 design over recent years and concluded that Aerion is likely to be the first to field a supersonic business jet, bringing an entirely new flying experience to TAG’s aircraft management and charter customers. “Business jets have been flying at virtually the same speeds since the Lear 23 in the 1960s. We think Aerion is about to change the game. The aircraft is fast and elegant with a big, comfortable cabin that meets the standards of our large-jet customers. They will love flying in the AS2, especially when they experience the thrill of traveling at Mach 1.4.

Our clients share one characteristic in common–the premium they place on their time. The AS2 will help them save massive amounts of time—four or five hours on every round trip across the Atlantic” he said. “Our customers are people who understand the value of human interaction in business. The AS2 will facilitate more frequent face-to-face interchanges. Time, convenience, flexibility, and comfort form the basis of business aviation, and the AS2 will raise these benefits to an entirely new level.”

Jolie Howard, CEO of TAG Aviation Asia, who is based in Hong Kong, will lead TAG’s AS2 sales efforts with clients in Asia. Graham Williamson, President, Aircraft Management and Charter, TAG Aviation UK, will lead sales efforts with clients in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.