Honda Aircraft Company announced the addition of a new “Upgrade Package for the HondaJet Elite”. The package offers current HondaJet Elite owners the opportunity to implement Honda Aircraft Company’s latest performance and avionics software upgrades on their aircraft. 

The Upgrade Package for the HondaJet Elite, presented by the Advanced Performance Modification Group will be available as an upgrade for the HondaJet Elite model. The performance upgrade will increase the maximum takeoff weight by 200 pounds. This significant performance upgrade allows customers to fly up to 120 nautical miles further at a higher payload or take an additional passenger. Additionally, the avionics software upgrade options include installation of FAA Datacom and ACARS, which replace traditional voice commands with text-based messaging to improve the clarity and efficiency of communications. Finally, combined with the newly introduced Advanced Steering Augmentation System (ASAS), not only will the customer experience reduced pilot workload, they will benefit from an increased crosswind operational capability. The Upgrade Package expands possibilities with no compromises in baseline efficiency. 

We are thrilled to announce the Upgrade Package to our HondaJet Elite owners,” said Honda Aircraft Company Head of Commercial Business Unit and VP of Customer Service, Amod Kelkar. “This upgrade package is another testament of our continued efforts in Customer Service to provide upgrade options to our ever-growing fleet. We remain committed to setting a new standard in business aviation by advancing innovative design and engineering solutions to our existing customer base.” 

The Upgrade Package will be available for installation at Honda Aircraft Company’s Authorized Service Centers around the globe, beginning in the U.S. later this year. For more information, contact a local HondaJet Authorized Service Center.