Airbus has delivered the third ACJ TwoTwenty to Comlux’s Completion Centre in Indianapolis. 

The ACJ TwoTwenty offers an unparalleled cabin experience featuring cutting-edge technology. Notably, the aircraft provides exceptional value for money, solidifying its status among the elite class of corporate jets.

After the first delivered ACJ TwoTwenty from our Completion Centre in Indianapolis earlier this year, we are starting the ramp-up in our production to satisfy the customer demand for this fantastic product. We target between 4 and 6 ACJ TwoTwenties in the coming years from Comlux Completion in Indianapolis” says Arnaud Martin, CEO of Comlux 2Twenty Ltd.  

Looking ahead, Comlux Completion will continue its collaboration with Airbus, with the fourth ACJ TwoTwenty already in progress and set for delivery in the near future. 

As a longstanding partner of major OEMs, Airbus or Boeing, serving as a completion center, service center, and VIP operator, Comlux remains at the forefront of private jet travel, consistently setting new standards in luxury and performance.