SurJet Personnalisation, a custom textile workshop that equips business jets, is developing its range of accessories for the aeronautics and air transport industries. In addition, the Bordeaux-based company is leveraging its experience in logistics by launching ShipperJet. The sister company takes over the production, labeling, packaging and shipping of SurJet products. ShipperJet is an inclusive company accessible to people with disabilities or those who are far from employment.
SurJet became known for its historical product, the airplane headrest, a piece of fabric that covers the top of the seat, by offering airlines customizable models. This product, whose production volume has increased since the health crisis for obvious reasons of hygiene, had already seduced other sectors receiving the public such as cinemas and congress halls.

SurJet was then entrusted with the creation of objects and accessories for business jets, in order to offer passengers a unique and personalized flight experience. In-flight welcome mats, umbrellas, plaids, cushions, toiletries, slippers, are the items regularly requested. But the possibilities are almost endless, thanks to SurJet’s two key strengths: 24-hour turnaround time and short production runs.

My first life in business aviation gave me an insight into the special customer treatment of this sector, which has something in common with the hotel industry in terms of providing a quick and personalized solution. A business jet is a flying suite, so we want the same level of service and peace of mind,” said Christopher Amen, SurJet’s founding president.

This is how the most unusual requests can be met. From a specially prepared cabin for a Valentine’s Day or a birthday party, to a cabin equipped just like at home. SurJet is also a source of ideas for its charter customers and operators. “In addition to unique creations, we are able to revisit the classics. For example, we can surprise a private jet user with the usual basket of exotic fruits, with citrus and other thick-skinned fruits engraved with the customer’s name… guaranteed effect!” adds Christopher Amen.

Driven by a team of enthusiasts, SurJet also creates personalized products for military squadrons or aeronautical events. The latest achievement is a range of gifts bearing the effigy of the A400M, created for the reactivation of the Béarn Transport Squadron at the 123 Orléans-Bricy Air Force Base.

All SurJet products are manufactured or customized in France, using any type of marking – silk-screening, embroidery, flocking, sublimation, debossing, hot-pressing – thanks to an investment in machines, including the rarest. “After months of research, I finally got my hands on a machine that can make an American drone, which will allow us to make military patches with the traditional finish, but also to bring a new qualitative finish to the tees,” Christopher Amen is still delighted.
As SurJet grew, more efficient logistics became necessary. In 2021, the company will create a sister company dedicated to production, order management, and storage of white-label products for which the customer rarely has the necessary space.

ShipperJet, which aims to become an Adapted Company, welcomes disabled employees or those who are far from employment, and trains them in the supply chain. ShipperJet is committed to respecting the 4 values of the SurJet group:

-Solidarity: employment of disabled people.
-Responsibility: use of organic, recycled or short-distance materials.
-Transparency: product traceability and supplier certification.
-Valorization: overcycling of discarded products in pre and post-production by the workshop.

It was initially a personal approach, which the team immediately embraced. We wanted to share SurJet’s success and promote manual trades, while committing ourselves to helping people in difficulty and the environment. Each hiring is a great emotional moment,” explains Christopher Amen.