Signum Aviation reached a milestone this month as it celebrated its 10 th anniversary.The UK-headquartered ‘boutique’ flight support company, which serves business aviation operators all over the world with complete trip-planning and operations support on a 24/7 basis was founded on 23 November 2007 in Chester with a single client, operating two aircraft at the time. Since its humble beginnings Signum Aviation has rapidly evolved into a successful and sustainable business with a net worth CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 52.75% for the past six years. Today, Signum Aviation’s high performance team of 10 takes care of 150 flights a week on average – over 7,500 flights per year – for a wide mix of aircraft ranging from Citation Mustangs to Boeing 747s. The company’s comprehensive service portfolio consists of providing flight planning, handling setup, overflight and landing permits, weather briefings and runway analysis as well as airfield performance, flight watch services and even third-party charters. Over the years Signum Aviation has built a strong reputation in the business aviation market, and has become a trusted industry partner for a continuously expanding client base, including Heads of State, government aircraft and a number of high net worth individuals in Europe, Asia and Australasia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. Jonathan Gill , Managing Director and founder of Signum Aviation said: “ Highest levels of bespoke and flexible flight planning service provided by a proactive team able to respond to any aviation situation, were qualities we had in mind when Signum Aviation was launched. ”He continued: “ In just ten years, Signum Aviation has become a benchmark company in the business aviation industry, as a result of not just offering a premium flight support service, but also through our sheer dedication and relentless commitment to our valued clients .” “ Our tenth anniversary is a proud moment in our companys history, but it is also a special occasion to thank those without whom this achievement would not have been possible – our customers, industry partners and our professional, hardworking and highly-qualified team. ” Whilst many of Signum Aviation’s clients rely on the company’s ability to fulfil comprehensive operational functions, some other partners select à†la carte from the menu of services offered. Among those loyal clients, who has cherry-picked Signum Aviation’s expertise in 24/7 flight planning that is unhesitating in recommending is Phil Brockwell , Commercial Director at Centerline Air Charter: “ As an exclusive private charter operation we are serving a very demanding and travel-savvy clientele, whose itineraries are often highly complex and time-pressed. It is all the more important to partner with an experienced flight planning company like Signum Aviation, who have become an integral part of our daily mission to