BETA Technologies flew its all-electric ALIA aircraft into Golden Triangle Regional Airport, conducting the inaugural charge on the newly commissioned airside charger.

Golden Triangle Regional Airport (GTR) has partnered with BETA, an electric aerospace company based in Burlington, Vermont, and Avflight, a global fixed-base operator, to install and commission the first-ever electric aviation charging station in the state of Mississippi.  4-County Electric Power Association served as the utility partner in bringing these chargers online for public access at the regional airport. 

BETA’s charging stations are multimodal and interoperable, capable of powering electric aircraft and ground vehicles alike. The chargers are designed with the combined charging system standard to prioritize vehicle compatibility — offering universal utility to benefit the varied patrons of Avflight and GTR. 

“This new installation is a significant step toward advancing the airport and region’s aviation infrastructure and supporting the growth of electric aircraft technology,” said Executive Director Matt Dowell.

GTR has installed one Level 3 Fast-Charger located inside the fence (air side), which will primarily be used by electric aircraft, and one Level 2 Charger located outside the fence (car side), which will primarily be used by members of the public who drive electric vehicles.  With this new infrastructure, the airport is well positioned to support the electric transportation future.