F/LIST, a pioneer in the design, production, and installation of innovative luxury interiors for business and private jets, exclusive residences and yachts (offered by the 100% subsidiary F/YACHTING), is celebrating the official opening of its newly expanded future laboratory, the F/LAB™. The F/LAB represents the center of innovation for the Austria-headquartered business and is a dynamic hub for creative thinking, cross-discipline collaboration, and imaginative experimentation. The commercial launch marks its transition from an in-house concept, which has already successfully developed game-changing products, to its position as an essential pillar in the F/LIST innovation strategy. 

Building on twenty years of activity in the aviation sector, F/LAB originally evolved as an in-house incubator that was encouraged to challenge traditional manufacturing and product status-quo. It now sits at the core of a new customer interaction strategy and has become a marque representing innovation, technology, and sustainability. The formal addition to the F/LIST brand portfolio represents a shift in market approach and embodies the latest disruption from the game-changing business. 

Following significant investment, the F/LAB today consists of a project-specific fluctuating in-house staff of plus or minus 35 developers and mavericks and features state-of-the-art equipment, workshops, a showroom demonstrating its concepts, and testing areas equipped with advanced tools and technologies to formulate unprecedented possibilities for the interiors landscape. The F/LAB is also a think tank for sustainability, exploring eco-friendly alternatives and strategies that will protect the planet’s longevity through intelligent application of nature. 

With the F/LAB expansion, we are demonstrating that we are much more than just a manufacturer fulfilling design briefs. Many of our customers own multiple high-value assets, and with our latest approach, we’ll seamlessly support the interior design and development of their jets, yachts, interior spaces, and residences across their portfolio, in partnership, from inception to installation,” says Katharina List-Nagl, CEO of F/LIST.