Since 2015, Duncan Aviation’s Turbine Engine Services has gained Honeywell TFE731 Heavy and HTF7000 Series Minor authorizations and brought a 20,000 lb.-thrust-class test cell online. New capabilities, increased efficiencies, and expanded room have been added to support these larger engine and maintenance events.  

Clean Line 

Because larger engines and heavier engine parts require more room, the engine washroom area was increased to 592-square-feet and now includes a new overhead crane with baskets to safely and efficiently improve the speed of moving and cleaning engine parts. What used to take up to four technicians to complete now only takes one.  

Larger wash sinks allow for more parts to be cleaned at once. Where before the parts were washed by hand with a solvent and a brush, they now soak in the large sinks to allow the solvent the opportunity to penetrate all crevices, resulting in cleaner parts and a more thorough inspection.  

All hazardous materials are properly disposed of through a new environmentally friendly evaporator system. A new air makeup unit with exhaust fans continually removes cleaning solvent fumes, replacing it with fresh, conditioned air.    

Media Blasting 

To better support HTF7000 customers, a large-capacity media blaster was added for bypass duct corrosion treatment. This new media blaster allows for the quick and thorough removal of any corrosion and preps the surface to apply a corrosion prevention coating.    

Paint Booth 

A new state-of-the-art paint booth is part of the expanding capabilities. This booth is dedicated to engine services and includes a mixing room and HVAC unit to circulate fresh conditioned air to maintain consistent humidity and temperature.  

Engine paint technician, Jim Overton, says not having to share a paint booth with another department significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to get engine parts painted and increased what projects can now be completed.  

With the addition of the larger media blast cabinet and dedicated paint booth, the HTF bypass duct repair and repaint Service Bulletin is now completed in the Engine Services shop area.   

Duncan Aviation’s Manager of Engine Overhaul Services, Scott Stoki, says all of these enhanced capabilities go a long way to increase the shop’s efficiencies. “We have always been able to successfully perform all aspects of the CZI heavy maintenance process since receiving the authorization. We are now making the best use of our time and space by supporting the CZI process completely within our shop and do not have to move certain critical parts through other areas of the company.”    

Team Growth 

Duncan Aviation’s Engine Services saw a 53% growth in scheduled events in a 12-month period ending at the end of 2020. Stoki anticipates this upward trend will continue and is looking to add four technicians to the team by the end of 2021.