Work on the world’s first ever head-of-state cabin conversion of an  Airbus A350 long-haul aircraft will begin next year at Lufthansa  Technik AG.

So that the German Federal Government’s Special Air  Mission Wing, the user of the aircraft, can have the first aircraft  available as soon as possible, it will be equipped with a special transitional cabin for the transportation of delegations. 

Preparations have already begun at the company’s VIP workshops in Hamburg, where the aircraft is expected in April 2020. The transitional cabin will be tailored precisely to the customer’s specific requirements, featuring an office area and spacious  conference area, adjoined by a multifunctional lounge area.

The rest of the cabin area will be available to the accompanying delegations. It will be equipped with modern, comfortable seats, a generous number of washrooms and a kitchen designed to cater for up to 150 people. “The German Air Force was our very first external customer.

We have  been equipping its aircraft, including government aircraft, for decades, thus forming a comprehensive partnership,” said Wieland Timm, Senior Director Sales, VIP & Special Mission Aircraft at Lufthansa Technik. “That we have now been asked to support and equip the latest generation of government aircraft as well is a great vote of confidence.

With our wide-ranging expertise for the Airbus A350, we are well equipped to meet the high expectations of the new government aircraft. »