This month Airmont, the French company specializing in displaying personal streaming contents onboard, announced a successful demonstration of its Airmont-Cast service over Eutelsat DTH satellite, Hotbird. The target customers are top-end VIP users flying on their aircrafts or travelling on their yacht which are equipped with existing TV system. Today the solution is validated on a A340 and a Horizon FD87 Skyline Yacht.

How it works?

Indeed, by using Airmont-Cast service, a passenger can watch all content available on his own smartphone (for instance his Netflix subscription) everywhere within Eutelsat Hotbird satellite coverage. The solution requires only a very limited internet connection available onboard for changing content. Once the video is selected, the solution is fully operational with the DTH satellite receiver. The users’ experience whether on smartphone, tablets or HDTV screens, is very impressive thanks  to the most advanced compression techniques based on HEVC. This solution is available right now, and the deployment is straightforward with making use of already on air satellites and existing TV system onboard. The onboard equipments are 2 set-top boxes, one connected to the DTH antenna and the other distributing the video on HDMI or on the local network. It especially fits to those users who are facing major constraints to install new antennas. Moreover, a single customer can make use of the same DTH capacity for his various environments, like aircraft, yacht or residence. The solution is operational on smaller antenna comparing to alternate HTS broadband antennas, and provides a way to separate video data from other internet trafic. In Airmont’s deployment, the solution makes use of Airbus A340’s Collins Tailwind-550 DTH antenna and Horizon FD87 Skyline’s KVH Tracvision TV8 DTH antenna.

watch demo here :